College of Lake Country student Asharia Harris earns a national award for service and selflessness.

Stephen Kelley

This month, the Peter R. March Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to private and public service around the United States, commended CLC’s very own Asharia Harris for their Silent Servant Student Award.

The Washington State-based organization was founded in 2002 and has since endeavored to promote positive, voluntary, and selfless communal engagement wherever possible.

CLC Student Asharia Harris

CLC Student Asharia Harris

They do this by recognizing and rewarding some of the individuals who embody this kind of charity most.

Along with only 27 other students from across the entire United States, Asharia Harris was presented with the award for the outstanding selflessness and charitable attitude throughout her whole high school career and continued through her first semester at CLC.

The recommendation-based award came mostly from the support and praise from one of Harris’ teachers, Dr. Sharon Sanders-Funnye, who taught Harris during her time at Warren Township High School.

Additional accreditation came from the CLC’s TriO Educational Talent Search Program, who agreed that Asharia Harris was the perfect candidate.

As a mentor and teacher, Sanders-Funnye has been a steady witness of the selfless volunteer efforts Harris has made over the last five years.

“Asharia is consistent, a hard worker and she cares about people. I expect she will continue serving her community and the community-at-large for years to come,” commented Sanders-Funnye in light of the Peter R Marsh Foundation’s acknowledgment of Harris’ work.

Over her high school years and her first semester at CLC, Harris has been an active volunteer for multiple service programs and charities, including prominent names like Aid to Haiti, Africare, Shiloh’s PADS Shelter, Northern Illinois Food Bank, National Association for Mental Illness and the Lambda Nu Omega chapter of AKA Sorority.

In an interview with the CLC Newsroom, Harris also mentioned that it “was an honor to receive this scholarship” because it demonstrates that “community service and volunteerism is such an important thing to participate in.”

Those who wish to learn more about the Peter R. Marsh Foundation can browse their website and view Harris’ recognition on the organization’s Silent Service Award page here.