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SAI seeks to replace key assistant

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Vicki Hanner’s last day as the administrative assistant for Student Activities and Inclusion at CLC was Nov. 3.

For five years, Hanner served multiple roles within CLC. As the SAI administrative assistant, she provided support with the day-to-day tasks of the SAI staff members, including Director Miesha Ransom. Hanner was in charge of setting up appointments and ensuring that things were going as scheduled.

She was also responsible for the budgets that came through for the department, clubs and organizations. Whenever things required further approval beyond the SAI, she would work closely with the Student Affairs administrative assistant Patti Jackson to get approval from Dean Gabe Lara, who is leaving for another job in January.

As with other staff members, the students were Hanner’s most important responsibility. She was the first person students saw when they entered the SAI office. This caused her to be the student’s main way to communicate to the college staff about their needs. The way that she handled this responsibility is what is what students will remember most about her.

If you asked students about Hanner, the most common response would describe her as a kind, friendly person willing to help wherever she could. If a club wanted to go out of state for travel, she would find hotels and activities that fit the budget of that club. Students felt that what they were asking for was being heard and acted upon.

Since her departure students have felt some of the effects of her departure. When Hanner left, the communication between students and staff was removed. Some of the requests the students have had have been slowed. Students are concerned her departure might have a big impact on the coming semester.

However, there are those who understand that this is just a transitional period. Things have slowed, but the departments are just trying to figure out how to work in the responsibilities that Hanner oversaw.

Even before her departure, Lara and Ransom had begun implementing an interim plan to fill in the gap that Hanner would leave. Understanding that the position was critical to the student, they began delegating those responsibilities.

Marco Ringor, the assistant to the athletics director, was placed in the front of the SAI to answer as many questions students might have and provide them with supplies that they might need. Jackson was assigned to handle the budget for the SAI and student clubs and organization.

Ransom is in charge of finding Hanner’s replacement. The application deadline for the position was Dec. 4, and more than a dozen people had applied. Ransom said she is looking for “collaborative skills which cultivate internal and external partnerships that achieve excellence in student success outcomes, community engagement, and a highly engaged team-based culture are paramount in this role.”

Lara expects the position to be filled before the start of the spring semester.

“If any other students have any issues or concerns, they can definitely go to Miesha or any other faculty member for help,” Lara said.

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