Social media used well can help users make friends and market their talents…

Michelle Zavslayskaya

With social media, you can easily find the right video, music, or person, — especially like-minded people.

When registering on a social platform, users provide their first and last name as well as other information.

This allows you to find any person in a matter of seconds, given that they have provided reliable information about themselves.

College of Lake County student Jaselyn Gallegos said social media expands you to new friendships.

“Social media has led me to make friendships around the globe, provide resources to market my blog, and expand my knowledge,” Gallegos said.

A person is aware of everything that happens to their friends. They can go to the page of any person of interest to them, see photos, and stay updated in their friends’ lives with easy access to communicating — all with the help of social media.

This is an obvious advantage of social media – today, it has become much more comfortable and convenient to communicate.

Another benefit of social media, no matter what you enjoy, there is no doubt that you will find someone who is like-minded.

To do this, there are interesting communities and groups on social media where you can meet people with the same interests as you.

Another great advantage of social media is access to free marketing.

“If you are an influencer, musician, singer, artist, business owner, and or affiliator social media is a great way to draw people in,” Gallegos said. “Essentially, it is free advertising and a great way to elevate your product or branding. Your voice is your brand so by exposing yourself to invested engagements with followers on social media platforms your level of impact ascends to heights one can only dream of.”

Although social media is a powerful tool that benefits people, it is important to consider the dangers of social media.

A constant presence in the social network can cause some harm to health.

Many hours of sitting at the computer can lead to reduced vision and inactivity.

A person who is addicted to social networks becomes less active.

“Many may argue that social media promotes more negatives than positives, but again you pick your poison,” Gallegos said. “Social media can make you or break you, which is why you must create a balanced presence on each platform you are a part of.”

Social media is not harmful when you use the platforms in moderation.

Active communication through social media is only an addition to a full-fledged lifestyle of communication.

You need to be able to take only the good from social media and filter out the bad.