Teamwork makes the dream work

Chase White

The CLC Women’s Basketball team achieved their first victory of the season this Thursday, December 2, 2021. The team dueled with Madison College and ultimately put teamwork above all to get the win.

Through the first half of the game, the CLC Lancers struggled against the competition. As the second half rolled around, the team held Madison College to only five points in the 3rd quarter through suffocating defense – while bringing in 14 points to get the lead.

Home Court of the College of Lake County – photo courtesy of CLC Lancers

Alya Rangel, who brought down 12 rebounds with four steals, discussed her team’s emphasis on fighting for the win.

“Something we try to put an emphasis on is playing like a team,” said Rangel. “Even before the game, teamwork was a goal written on our board because we know that when we play like a team, we step up our game. So, going into the second half, we reviewed our goals and occupied our mindset with knowing this was our game and that it’s going to be us getting that win,” she continued.

Regarding teamwork, Caelah Palumbo expanded on its importance in their practices and games.

“Our team and coach come in every day to put in the work. We are always pushing ourselves to be better and always celebrating our achievements whether they are big or small,” Palumbo explained.

The CLC Women’s Basketball team is currently 1-7 in the regular season. However, the team still has 20 games left in their schedule. Rangel knows that the team can turn around and not only play more efficiently but play as a team.

“We didn’t start off this season with the strongest streak, but with each game, we continued to improve,” said Rangel. “We developed this drive to find ways to better work together and be supportive of each of our contributions. We also have quantitative goals such as improving our assist-to-turnover ratio, rebounding, and scoring. In the end, we bring to the next game not only our individual goals but goals we’ve created and plan to accomplish together. It surely doesn’t hurt that we try to have a good time meanwhile.”

The next game for the Lancers is scheduled for December 7, 2021. The team will face the College of DuPage Chaparrals. Kyleen Marquardt, who scored 15 points and grabbed ten rebounds, noted the importance of preparing for the next game.

“Through practicing our game, we can get better at executing the right plays on offense and getting defensive stops. We also have to focus on making the right passes, going for the best shots possible, and working as a team to win games,” said Marquardt.