The benefits of minimalism

Michelle Zavslayskaya

Minimalism is not just a trend to follow; it can change your life.

Minimalism is a matter of living with less.

Many minimalists believe that life should be lived by interactions rather than material possessions

For example, having one watch is enough for a minimalist — some people might have a collection.

Graphic courtesy of Easton Herbon

Graphic courtesy of Easton Herbon

 According to Life Hack, minimalism is something that should be personal to each individual that follows it.

There is no set of rules or standards that you need to adhere to and follow to be a minimalist.

It is necessary to clearly understand what minimalism means specifically before trying to attempt this way of living.

Without understanding exactly how minimalism should be represented in your life, it will be challenging to stick to.

It includes only what is compatible with the essential values of your space and time.

If you ask 100 people to explain minimalism to you, you will get 100 different descriptions of minimalism; what is valuable to each of us is unique.

From a personal standpoint, one of the first few things I like about minimalism is that you can create your own depiction of minimalism that works for you.

Minimalists enjoy the simple things in life, like walking in nature, reading a book, or spending time with friends.

Living the minimalist lifestyle, you start to think more about how the way you spend money affects the environment.

You most likely would use less plastic and pay attention to the packaging when you buy products.

 Many people buy things that look good on them but do not reflect their style and inner world.

Minimalists don’t compare themselves to others and don’t do something just because someone else does it.

Imagine that your neighbor bought a new car, and now you also want to buy a new car, just to keep up with them.

For many, social status is determined by the purchase of new things.

Minimalism is about making an informed decision that will benefit you in some way.  By becoming a minimalist, you buy things that suit you, that you feel good in, and that you will wear for a long time.

People who are maximalists get a lot of pleasure from buying things.

They go to shopping malls and buy something new to get that feeling of instant happiness.

 It is essential to understand the best things in life are not materialistic things.