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CLC connects through podcast

CLC Connects, Courtesy of CLC Connects Podcast.
CLC Connects, Courtesy of CLC Connects Podcast.

There is no doubt that podcasts have become a major streaming platform. A staggering amount of podcasts cover topics ranging from sports and news to true crime and celebrity interviews. This type of media is easily digestible, as the majority feel conversational and easy-going.

The College of Lake County (CLC) has now hopped on the bandwagon with CLC Connects! This podcast features short glimpses into the many moving parts of campus and the faculty that make our school thrive.

As a podcast lover myself, I was skeptical about whether these episodes might border on “too educational” or feel promotional. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how the podcast felt more along the lines of an interview instead of a formal speech or a boast of the college itself.

I jumped around to a few different episodes, which didn’t impact my listening. This is always a great detail to have, just in case listening may be inconsistent. Overall, the episodes are short and sweet, offer a positive introduction to professors and programs offered at CLC, and allow you to become acquainted with a member of the college you may have never spoken with in person.

Aside from being enjoyable and easily accessible, the podcast as of today touches on a wide variety of topics, which makes it both beneficial and accommodating to a large proportion of CLC students. Whether you are curious about gardening and the horticulture lab, internships with the public defense attorney, or an interest in health, CLC Connects seems to provide for and cater to those curiosities.

The most recent episode, Earn While You Learn, features Danca Ortego. This episode specifically answered some questions one may have about apprenticeships and why you should consider one. As someone who does not technically work in a trade position or apprenticeship career, I found this episode to still be interesting. I can understand how, if I were an incoming or active student, this information provided by the podcast would be extremely helpful. Ortego discussed the pros and cons, the positions offered through CLC, and the importance of combining real-world experience with hands-on learning.

Finally, on the technical side, the podcast is available on Apple Music and Spotify, making the content accessible on most,  if not all,  devices (so there is no need to fight over which streaming platform is better among your friends).

Overall, the quality of the podcast, in both substance and audible quality, surpassed my expectations. The recordings definitely gave food for thought while also not being filled with jargon that can lack stimulating information for newcomers and current students.

If you want to check out the podcast yourself, here is their Spotify page and Apple Music page!

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