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Get the new Covid shot, CLC director of health and wellness says

Michele Grace and colleague. Photo by Jayden Parham.

In mid September, the FDA approved the new variation of the COVID vaccine, and CLC’s director of health and wellness recommends that students get this new shot in the arm.

“I’m absolutely for it,” Michelle Grace said. “I am definitely pro vaccine. If there is a simple effective way to prevent such a potentially devastating illness from taking more people out unnecessarily, I am all for it.”

Over the last three years there have been multiple boosters and variations of the vaccine, so what makes this one different? There was a recent discovery of a new variant of COVID-19, and it called for a new vaccine.

This version of the vaccine can help the body build protection and new responses to the recent variant. This vaccine is monovalent and is designed to prevent severe disease from the subvariant Omicron XBB.1.5.

Grace expressed a positive opinion about the new vaccine and has already gotten it herself. She discussed how the new vaccine was developed for the benefit of people and nothing else.

“As a healthcare professional I would strongly recommend it, unless it was strongly indicated if someone had a bad reaction to a component that’s in the vaccine,” she said.

Grace said there have been a lot of Covid cases at the college since the virus hit the country, but it’s difficult to give an exact number. In addition to getting the new vaccine, Grace adds extra steps that students should take to stay protected.

“Make sure you have adequate rest, good nutrition, and stay home when you’re not feeling well,” she said. “Frequent hand washing is another good thing, and if you feel inclined, you can wear a mask.”

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