New Community Resource Advisor


Emily Borland.

Brenna Burr, Staff Editor

There is a new staff member in the building – Emily Borland, CLC Community Resource Advisor, discussed her new position and the resources available for students.

“They wanted to take more of a holistic approach,” Borland said. “That’s why my role was created, to assist students with needs outside of the classroom.”

Issues like food and housing insecurity and public aid assistance, are among the many things Borland’s new role was created to address. Other issues include utility assistance, transportation, unemployment, childcare solutions, healthcare navigation, and emergency financial needs.

Borland, a licensed social worker, shared her excitement for advancing her role on campus. “Given my background, I am able to create this role and develop it as we’re going because it’ll fluctuate. We’re only a few months in, so it could look totally different in a year, depending on the needs we see.”

Borland also stressed the importance of using this new avenue to draw potential students to CLC. “Somebody could say, ‘I can go to CLC. Let me talk to this person to make sure I can afford it.’”

Borland said that along with the Financial Aid Office, her role will help make attending CLC more accessible.

“I’m here to support students,” Borland said, “I’m completely free. Everything’s confidential in terms of what they share with me. I am here to help them specifically.”

In the long term, Borland hopes to facilitate more student-led initiatives, “Students tend to open up with each other because they’re peers.”

“Maybe they could be on a panel, or maybe they could be student workers,”  Borland said, “Something to help connect. But that’s all in development.”

Currently, Borland is focusing on helping students in any way she can. “I’m willing to be adaptable and flexible to the needs here on campus. If I can’t physically be there, I can be available by Zoom to any student.”

Borland is currently a one-person department but hopes that by successfully connecting students with the resources they need, the opportunities for assistance will only grow. To get in contact with Borland for more information, students can contact her at [email protected]. Students can also call the advising desk at (847)-543-2060 or come in person to B118 at the Grayslake campus to make an appointment.