COVID-19’s impact on college sports


Sam Garcia

Chase White, Sports Editor

As CLC’s Men’s Basketball team continues its schedule, it is important to note the impact that COVID-19 has had on players, coaches, and spectators. Moreover, it begs the question: has the pandemic changed sports programs throughout the country?

Sam Garcia, a freshman who plays for the Lancers, has not only seen this change but has also dealt with COVID-19 firsthand. Garcia, who had to quarantine earlier this semester, weighed in on practicing his sport throughout the pandemic.

COVID-19 has not affected my team’s practices at all. Last year, we were still able to practice like normal, and this year it’s been more of the same. COVID-19 has definitely affected the sport, but practices remain the same,” Garcia said.

As for the team’s scheduled games, however, the pandemic has left its mark.

“This season, we have had multiple games canceled due to COVID concerns, and we have had no fans allowed in to see our games in 2022,” Garcia continued. “In our road games, there are fans allowed, and I do not believe there are any required protocols aside from masking. The enforcement of the masking policy is pretty relaxed, however.”

According to Next College Student Athlete, over 90 different sports programs across the country were cut or canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While these cancellations were decided in good faith, it left many athletes wondering about their scholarships and opportunities. 

CLC, however, has allowed Garcia – and many other athletes – to continue playing their sport.

“My team was able to have a full season last year, and we did not have to cancel any games or change anything due to the virus. Moreover, this season we have had a normal year, aside from the lack of fans at our games and the occasional cancellation,” Garcia said. “I absolutely believe that practices and games should be easily accessible to athletes. This pandemic should not stop athletes from being able to play their sport.”

According to the CLC Lancers website, the no spectator policy has been extended through the remainder of the Women’s & Men’s basketball seasons. Regardless of the pandemic, Garcia emphasized certain team principles.

“It is always important to maintain a strong work ethic and coachability. My coach certainly has put an emphasis on these values, and my team also has. There hasn’t been a change in that, though all the teams I’ve been on have emphasized these values. The pandemic hasn’t changed our belief in these values at all,” Garcia said.

While the season comes to an end, not only is it exciting to imagine upcoming seasons without the burdens of the pandemic, but it is also important to note the dedication and commitment that many athletes, coaches, and faculty possess.