Earth Day 2022

Castor Basa, Cartoonist

A four panel full-color cartoon titled "Earth day 2022." The first panel shows the black silhouette of a factory producing greyish fumes against a blazing orange sky. The caption reads, "Sometimes, the climate can feel hopeless." The second panel shows the Earth from space, the blue sun peeking over the horizon. The caption says, "But we are lucky to live here." The third panel shows a hiker looking out over a lush green forest and mountain range. The caption reads, "The Earth is beautiful, despite pollution." The fourth panel shows a close-up of a gardener's hands patting the soil around a freshly-planted sapling. The caption says, "All we can do is try our best to take care of it."

With the advent of social media and the progression of science, it feels like every day we receive more and more bad news regarding the climate crisis and the state of the natural world.

However, we must take the time to realize how fortunate we are to exist at the time we do, out of all the eras in human history. We have the opportunity to experience worldwide travel and the ability to grow our own gardens at home.

This Earth day, take the time to appreciate the natural beauty all around you, and consider taking up a hobby such as gardening or upcycling old materials for new uses. We only have one Earth – recognize it for what it’s worth.