New Bulls lineup proves to be successful in preseason

Chase White

With the NBA preseason underway, many Chicago fans can take a sigh of relief. The Bulls have recently added some notable players to the lineup and have maintained a winning 3-0 preseason record.

As for the new lineup, the Bulls were one of the most active teams during the free agency period. The franchise aimed to add new players that would properly support and surround guard Zach LaVine. Moreover, the front office looked to build a winning team.

The Bulls added guard Lonzo Ball and forward Demar DeRozan. This move allowed the offense to work through more players, making the load easier for LaVine. The addition of Lonzo Ball also heavily contributes to the defense, in which he averages nearly 1.5 steals a game – an impressive feat for a point guard. Alex Caruso, a defensive hustler and a great passer, also found a role on the team.

In the frontcourt, Chicago also made an essential move in acquiring center Nikola Vucevic. Vucevic, an offensively versatile player and former all-star, averages nearly 25 points and 12 rebounds.

NBA fans are excited to see the preseason success transfer into the regular season with the final Bulls lineup in place.

“The Bulls look good in the preseason with two blowout wins,” said KeepItHoop, an NBA fan, and blogger. “But let’s not forget this is just the preseason,” he added.

Head Coach of the Chicago Bulls, Billy Donovan, also spoke about the new lineup after the 131-95 blowout against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“We really have a high IQ team here that knows how to facilitate the game,” Donovan said. “I also think that if the defense gets spread out, our size really is a disadvantage. But if we get into gaps and play with some length, I think we’re in a position to help each other. Tonight we did a really good job with that.”

There has also been some criticism about the team, which KeepItHoop – and many other fans – have pointed out. While three back-to-back wins are something to celebrate, it is important to remember that this is only the beginning. This hesitation also stems from the close 102-101 Sunday game against Cleveland.

Coach Donovan responded to the game by aiming at a lack of hustle defense and slow offense among the team. In another postgame interview, Donovan said he hopes this game will teach the team to always play at their highest level.

The Bulls are scheduled to play their first regular-season game against the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday, October 20. Fans are hoping that the team will play with the same efficiency and effort they’ve portrayed so far in the preseason. The question remains: will the new Bulls lineup prove to be successful throughout the regular season?