Chicago Cubs: the start of the season

Christian Welton

On April 1st, the MLB started its regular season, and baseball fans all across the country got to watch their favorite teams compete in the regular season for the first time since the end of the 2020 season in September.  One team many people were eager to see play were the Chicago Cubs.

The Cubs had won the World Series back in 2016 but haven’t been doing as well statistically since then.  The first team the Cubs played were the Pittsburgh Pirates, whom they played for three games.

The first game they played ended in a loss, 5-3, with the Pirates taking the win.  The Pirates scored their five runs in the first seven innings.  The Cubs were able to get their 3rd run in the 8th inning, but they couldn’t score again in the 9th, which ultimately lost them the game.

However, the next game turned around for the Cubs.  They ended up beating the Pirates 5-1.  The Pirates took the lead with one run in the 1st inning. By the 7th, the Cubs had scored their five runs.

Then, in the 3rd and final game against the Pirates, the Cubs won 4-3, scoring their four runs by the 6th.  The Pirates got their 3rd run in the 8th inning but did not manage to get at least one run to tie the game.  This was the debut game for the Cubs’ new pitcher, Zach Davies, who the Cubs traded from the San Diego Padres.  He ended up pitching from the 1st inning all the way to the 6th.  He is the player who ultimately led the Cubs to their win.  He was quoted saying this:

“It’s great.  It’s a little bit different playing on this side of the field,” he said, “and getting to experience that kind of crowd cheering for you instead of against you.”

After these three games, the Chicago Cubs faced the Milwaukee Brewers for another three games.

The Cubs took the win in the first game, 5-3.  They scored 4 of their runs in the 4th inning and then their last run in the 7th.  The Brewer’s scored all 3 of their runs in the 7th inning but could not score in any others.

In the 2nd game against the Brewers, the Cubs took a disappointing loss, 4-0.  The Brewers scored 3 of their runs in the 1st inning and their 4th and final run in the 4th inning.  The Brewers player, Lorenzo Cain, also happened to set a franchise record by hitting two home runs in that game.

In the 3rd and final game against the Brewers, the Cubs took their 2nd loss to the Brewers, losing 4-2.  By the 9th inning, both teams had scored one run in the 8th.  Neither team could score in the 9th, and so the game was sent to a 10th inning.  The Brewers ended up scoring three runs, and the Cubs could only score 1, losing them the game.  Lorenzo Cain ended up having another great game, scoring two runs for the Brewers.

Then after the Brewers, the Cubs moved onto the Pirates once more for another series of 3 games.

The Cubs won the first game 4-2, with the Pirates only being able to score in the 4th inning.  The Cubs did an excellent job at preventing them from doing much more.

However, in the next game, the Cubs were taken down by the Pirates, losing 8-2.  The Pirates scored an impressive seven runs in the 2nd inning and their last and 8th run in the 6th inning.  The Cubs scored once in the 1st and once more in the 8th.

The following game, the Cubs lost once more to the Pirates 7-1.  They were only to score one run in the 2nd inning, giving them a disappointing loss.

So while Cubs fans are not entirely pleased with the current standings of their team, this is only the beginning of the season.  The Cubs will play the Brewers again, so people hope that things will potentially turn around for the better.