Workouts can hit the ground running in less time with HIIT training

Michelle Zavslayskaya

The popularity of high-intensity interval training has been on the rise within the fitness and health industry.

The HIIT system’s essence is to combine one program into two seemingly opposite variants of training loads: aerobic (low-intensity loads) and anaerobic (high-intensity loads).

According to American College of Sports Medicine, HIIT training can be performed in all aerobic exercise modes, including cycling, running, aqua training, cross-functional training on elliptical machines as well as resistance exercises just to name a few.

For a short period of time, the body exceeds the aerobic threshold and enters the anaerobic zone; during this period, there is an intensive consumption of carbohydrates as fuel.

Intensive work periods can last from five seconds (for resistance exercises) up to eight minutes (for aerobic exercise) – performed at a heart rate that is between 80% and 95% of the estimated maximum human heart rate.

Training consists of alternating periods of work and recovery.

The primary method for performing this high-intensity program is to replace the recovery phase with an alternative exercise, thus creating an extreme intensity workout that usually lasts much less than traditional exercises.

HIIT workouts tend to be shorter than traditional workouts.

According to the New York Times, HIIT may decrease body fat more than steadier types of exercise, such as jogging.

HIIT burns more calories than traditional workouts, especially in the post-workout period.

HIIT is not only very effective in terms of fat burning, but also provides significant health benefits.

Lana Kovtun, a certified personal trainer within the Lake County area, recommends that her clients pursue HIIT training.

         “The health benefits of HIIT training are remarkable!” Kovtun saidi. “Training in the style of HIIT helps to develop strength and endurance at the same time. HIIT speeds up metabolism and boosts metabolic health. HIIT boosts the growth hormone. It improves your heart health and overall body stamina allowing you to function better on a day-to-day basis. HIIT training helps with lowering your blood pressure, blood sugar, and improves oxygen supply to the muscles as well as blood flow.”

HIIT training may be the solution for those who find it difficult to incorporate physical activity into their busy routine.

         “Despite the benefits of overall exercise, not everyone is able to commit to exercising regularly; hence why I love HIIT training.” Kovtun said. “To many people, the most prevalent challenge is the lack of time people have considering their busy schedules. HIIT training may be the solution for those who find it difficult to incorporate physical activity into their weekly routine. I have my clients do HIIT training two to three times a week for roughly around 20 to 30 minutes, which is all that they really need for an effective training session.

HIIT training has become popular due to its high efficiency and simple execution.

This training system is one of the most effective ways to simultaneously burn fat, strengthen muscles, improving heart health, and the development of endurance which is how well the heart responds to exercise.

HIIT is not only very effective in terms of  pure exercise, but also provides significant health benefits.