Award winning writer offers workshop and reading to CLC students

Lucero Martinez

The author of an upcoming memoir about her experiences as an adopted Korean child growing up in a transracial household will conduct a March 31 literary-writing workshop via Zoom for CLC students, followed by an April 1 reading from her memoir.

Nicole Chung

Nicole Chung

Nicole Chung, who will run the workshop and read from her upcoming All You Can Ever Know, will go over the life experiences that transformed her into the author and writer she is today.

From her beginnings as an article writer at The Toast, Chung has been an advocate for racial equality and educating others on what it means to be an adopted child and what it means to be of a racial minority in a white family. 

Eventually, her writings would lead her to read advice articles on Slate, which gave way to writing for The New York Times, The Guardian, and Daily Life Magazine.

  “I, too, would have thought of myself as almost white — [but] caught between my family’s ‘colorblind’ ideal and the obvious notice of others, perhaps it isn’t surprising which made me feel safer — which I preferred, and tried to adopt as my own,” according to her book’s excerpt from Buzzfeed

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From another perspective, Chung has received several awards for her work. They include being a finalist for NAIBA Book of the Year and being an Editor’s Pick on Amazon.

“[A] stunning debut memoir, a book that confronts enormous pain with precision, clarity, and grace . . .” said Kate Tuttle, a review critic for the Boston Globe.

Because of her works’ success, Chung has spoken on several TV shows and at conventions and schools throughout the U.S. 

Chung’s work is sure to be a refreshing insight into how it would be for a person to experience the world of transracial adoption.