Explore Waukegan through the Belvidere Mall

Corn, pinatas, and Mexican candy, that is what I think of when I think of Belvidere Mall. In November, the mall will celebrate turning 55 years old!

Waukegan will be hosting a “Wauk the Mall” and opening a new art gallery. These two events will occur on November 14th, between 12 PM to 6 PM at Belvidere mall and all are welcome. “Wauk the Mall” allows people can enjoy the stores and food the mall has to offer. On top of that, artists set up to display and sell their work!

This anniversary is unique because it will be opening up a new art gallery.

The gallery will feature work from Waukegan artist Jim Harrington, who was well known as one of the originators of the Waukegan art movement, including ArtPark, a park in Waukegan designed to allow community members to hang out while enjoying local art and sculptures.

The ArtPark team has spent countless hours to make “Wauk the Mall” possible.

Hopefully, the opening of this gallery will allow the team to fill more of the spaces will other Waukegan artists!

Photo via Leylani Vasquez.

Photo via Leylani Vasquez.

There are plans for a mural right across the gallery space to honor Harrington and Ray Bradbury, a local author and screenwriter.

Both of them made an impact in Waukegan and paved the way for the art community.

The gallery will include original Harrington paintings that were donated and loaned. Some of his work was found inside the Waukegan Building and the old Waukegan Library.

There will be items from Harrington’s old art studio and newspaper articles published at the time.

People can learn Waukegan history and enjoy art pieces at the same time!

Join the ArtPark team Saturday, November 14th, for the Jim Harrington Fine Art Gallery’s grand opening!

There will be limited capacity in the gallery, hand sanitizing stations will be available, and there will be a 30-minute time limit in the gallery depending on the number of visitors waiting.

The ArtPark team is excited about the opening of the gallery because it opens so many other doors for local artists.