Making Major Changes

Christian Welton

In my two years at CLC, I’ve discovered different interests and my academic strengths. These discoveries have changed me and my goals, and that’s what college should do.

    I began my CLC education as a computer science major.  I didn’t know much about it, but I thought it might be enjoyable.  After a year of pursuing that major, I decided that it wasn’t suitable for me. And so, I switched to criminal justice, as I was very much set on pursuing a career in the military.

    Not even a semester after making this change, I discovered the path that was right for me.  That path was ministry.  I had always found that my forte was in writing and teaching about Christianity, but I also found that I was great at and enjoyed speaking.

    I’ve been complimented many times on my speaking skills by teachers and classmates.  However, I don’t share that to brag, but I share it to make a point to all students at CLC.  If there is something that you’re good at, and you enjoy it, don’t be afraid to pursue it.

    My speaking skills were always something I chose to shove into a corner.  I thought it was interesting that I was so skilled in it, but I never decided to entertain the idea of a career centered around it.

    So, what led me to make this abrupt change?  There are many factors.  First, as a Christian, I believe God calls people to certain things, and ultimately this is where I believe God was and is calling me.

    Second, after taking a couple of classes for my major, I discovered that the information I was learning didn’t interest me as much as I thought it would.  However, whenever I spoke about the Bible and Christianity to people, I would find much happiness and enjoyment.

    Last, I had to learn how to be more confident in my own abilities.  Rather than allowing people around me to dictate my path, I took control of my path.  Part of the reason I pursued computer science and criminal justice was the impression people had on me.  I wanted to make my family happy, make my friends proud, etc.  But all that time, I never truly let my interests guide my path.

    I hope talking about my major changes encourages other students at the College of Lake County.  A community college is such a blessing, as it gives the flexibility necessary to explore what you want to do instead of a four-year school.

    So don’t take this place for granted. Make sure that what you choose to pursue is something that interests you, something that fires you up when you  speak about it, and something that makes you grin ear to ear when you think about it.

    Listen to the compliments you receive from students and teachers, as they are not something to be shrugged off, but something to use as inspiration.  That truth is something I have taught myself over these past couple months.

    Don’t be ashamed to switch majors.  If a path doesn’t work for you, then it doesn’t work for you.  It’s not something to be ashamed of, but rather, it’s something to be proud of.  Being able to weed out the fields that don’t work for you only helps to show you what can work for you.

    If you took anything away from this, it would be this one truth:

    You have a path set out for you, and it is up to you to discover it.  It’s not up to family, friends, teachers, or classmates, but it is up to you.  While these people can provide input, in the end, the decision is yours.  Make yourself proud.