CLC officially plans to increase its number of in-person classes for summer 2021

Stephen Kelley

The summer 2021 semester at the College of Lake County is planned to increase the number of classes offered on campus, from roughly 10% available in Fall 2020 to approximately 33%.

Although the classes will be held on campus, class sizes will be reduced, and CLC will enforce social-distancing measures for the sake of extra caution according to the school’s interpretation of CDC guidelines.

CLC Vice President of Education and Chief Academic Officer Dr. Sonya Williams demonstrated her advocacy in favor of reopening.

In an interview with CLC Public Relations and Marketing, Dr. Williams noted the faculty’s assertion that “the most effective way to support our students and our community is by ramping up our return to in-person learning.”

“We are excited to have more students back on our campuses,” she continued, “… and [we] will keep working hard to provide a safe environment for their return.”

Dr. Williams additionally stated that CLC’s principle pillars are “best achieved by having students in the classroom.” She added that, for the college, “it is about doing our utmost to prepare them for the next step in a career or at a transfer school.”

Also, the school plans to split the other two-thirds of its courses evenly between online-anytime programs and live-via-zoom classrooms.

As Mar. 15 is the opening day for Summer 2021 registration, counselors are available upon appointment, drop-in, and email for advice in summer registration and priority registration for the fall 2021 semester as well.

Click here for more information about advising, counseling, and transfer services in registering for upcoming semesters.