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Students should de-stress to relieve finals-week distress

Graphic by Milagros Velez

While the week of finals can be time-consuming as students may be too busy to de-stress as they are occupied with not only their academics but also their jobs, preparation for the holiday season, and personal obligations, it is important to do it in small amounts.

Remember, stress is not necessarily a bad thing, as a certain amount of stress is normal. Stress can help you focus and identify what is most important, but be cautious about it and do not let it become extreme.

A way for stress to become extreme is when it inhibits your daily schedule and makes you perform worse on an overall level.

One helpful tip is to write down the source of it, since it allows you to figure out what needs to be done and keep track of things. Setting a timer helps with the prevention of burnout because it allows you to resume your work after taking only a small fraction of time.

The most basic stress reliever is a daily routine. Make sure to keep up a healthy diet, get lots of sleep, and drink plenty of water. Having your body healthy helps you retain energy to use for studying.

A photo of someone taking down notes, Courtesy of Freerange Stock.

Staying stressed out can inhibit test-taking skills. It is important to keep up a positive attitude, as negative self-talk can inhibit future achievements. Try to approach things with gentleness and encouragement instead, because it increases the chances of you being able to achieve your goals.

According to an article by the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority (MEFA), a person can get some clarity by going out for a walk or feeling the warmth from the sun. Try to focus on activities that get you to go outside.

These can range from playing sports to hanging out with friends in person. Exercise has proven to raise your mood. Whatever it is that you choose, make sure to take the time for yourself.

At the end of the day, de-stressing is a crucial way to prepare for finals. Remember to keep these tips in mind while preparing for your finals, and finish this semester strong!

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