Tricks, Treats, and Trials


Viridiana Guillen

The staff of the Chronicle wishes all readers a spooky and fun Halloween!

Danielle Broege, Staff Reporter

CLC student Grace Lozinski is a single mom balancing work, school, and raising her two-year-old daughter. She is a student in the medical imaging program learning how to take x-rays to become a radiographic technician. 

Though she is only two years old, Lozinski’s daughter loves everything spooky. The single mom participates in Halloween activities with her daughter to enjoy the holiday as much as possible.

“She is very into holidays which makes it fun. She’s been talking about Halloween since August and it adds a little extra magic to life. I try to take her to the library once a week and get books about what’s going on, and fall, and the seasons, and Halloween,” said Lozinzki. 

Grace loves watching her daughter celebrate the season because it brings her daughter joy, which in turn brings her joy. Lozinski considers sympathetic happiness as one of the many pleasures of motherhood.

“The spooky aspect is what I think she’s drawn to, and she loves her books so maybe it came from the books, but she’s a little obsessed with Halloween. On November first, we’re in for a rude awakening,” joked Lozinzki.

Grace Lozinski holds her daughter on her hip. They are standing under an inflatable decorative Halloween arch outside.
Lozinski and her daughter enjoying some Halloween fun.

However, as a student and an employee at a hospital, Lozinski has a difficult time juggling all three parts of her life. It can be a challenge to find energy for everything.

“I work the night shift at the hospital when she’s sleeping. That’s why I choose a night job – so I could go to school and still take care of her. I would say I’m pretty exhausted, but it’s really the only time I can fit working and school during the day.” said Lozinzki.

Being a single parent, learning, and working is taxing and causes Lozinski anxiety around being an absent mother.

“Even though I know I’m going to school and getting a degree so that I can support her and benefit her in the long run, I have guilt that I’m not fully present. That’s when I really try and make up for it on the weekends and do as many activities as I can,” said Lozinzki.

Grace’s daughter keeps her going when life gets overwhelming or when she’s having a difficult day. Her daughter pushes her to be her very best self and helps her strive to reach graduation, not only to cross the finish line but to better her life decades down the road.