Updates on the SGA

Jasmine Rivera-Roman, Staff Reporter

President Polanski started working with the Student Government Association (SGA) in the fall of 2021 as a senator, becoming Vice President after a vacancy early in the spring semester. He was later elected President of SGA late into the Spring semester continuing into this fall semester of 2022.

One of President Polanski’s favorite occurrences is hearing the stories of students that were helped by the college, like those that were assisted by the legal services provided to CLC students two years ago. 

President Polanski notes that one of the Student Government Association’s goals is to “make their mark” in advocating for students by doing surveys, providing “information for “students,” and being a “resource center” that can help them through “difficulties they face on campus,” so that all issues may be “effectively solved.” 

The Student Government Association also looks forward to “[representing] the student voice” by being a “part of the shared governing body of CLC.” By being a part of this shared government, they are able to give their input as representatives of the student body on “big projects that are being discussed.” 

Recently, the Student Government Association has interviews and will select “new senators from great candidates” that have applied. There are multiple positions available for SGA senators who help to initiate legislation within SGA. Legislation will bring issues noted in the legislation to the forefront of topics to be considered and addressed. They are also “representatives of SGA on various committees” where their primary role would be to “provide student feedback.” 

President Polanski also looks forward to developing the SGA from within, allowing SGA members to be “effective representatives of the student body.” President Polanski also looks forward to more “student involvement” on campus after low engagement during the previous semester due to the pandemic.

Polanski encourages students to engage in SGA elections, legislation, and become more involved as members of their college community.