Jason Rodgers, New DMD Professor


CLC photographer

Professor Rodgers hopes to be a teacher that his students can rely on.

Jasmine Rivera-Roman, Staff Reporter

Professor Jason Rodgers started his career at the College of Lake County in 2019 as a part-time adjunct Instructor in the Digital Media and Design department, bringing in 20 years of industry experience ranging from staff illustrator to motion graphic designer. 

As of this 2022 fall semester, professor Rodgers is a full-time Digital Media and Design instructor. 

He teaches a variety of digital media and design introductory courses such as Introduction to Graphic Design, as well as Animation and three-dimensional modeling courses. 

Professor Rodgers also sponsors students that are interested in finding internships within the digital media and design industries.

Mr. Rodgers joined the College of Lake County as a student while working as a graphic designer to gain career knowledge and stay current with the practices and technology of the industry.

His own experience with CLC immediately benefitted him in his own career, so when the opportunity arose for him to teach at CLC, it felt like a “natural transition,” as Rodgers said.

A three dimensional model of a monster. It resembles the pop culture idea of Frankenstein. The monster is stuck in a stumbling pose.
Image courtesy of professor Jason Rodgers.  It is an untitled 3D model he hopes to have completed for display for the upcoming CLC Art Show.

One of the things that he enjoys most about teaching the introductory courses is being able to interact with “a wide range of students” ranging from those that are just entering the field to those that have already begun their careers within the Digital Media or Graphic design field.

Mr. Rodgers hopes to be an “inspirational instructor,” to be a teacher who “builds relationships” and helps his students be “creative in whichever field they choose to enter.”

Ultimately, professor Rodgers’ goal is to pass “on industry knowledge and [be] accessible” to his students to “prepare” them for industry expectations and their path after CLC.