Remembering Barbara Richardson

Christian Welton

The College of Lake County sadly announced that on Feb. 3, one of the college’s founders, Barbara Richardson, passed away at the age of 93.  She was one of seven of the founders.

“Barbara was a dear friend of the College of Lake County, serving as one of its first employees,” said CLC Trustee Emeritus Dr. William M. Griffin.  “The connections she developed and fostered among members of the college community were significant and long-lasting.  We will remember her with deep respect and admiration.”

Barbara did so much, not just for the college but for Lake County as a whole.  Barbara served as a coroner of Lake County for over 20 years.  She led the Lake County Coroner’s Office from 1982 through May of 2003 when she retired, winning five consecutive four-year terms.

“Throughout her tenure, Barbara Richardson was instrumental in many changes for the betterment of the office as well as the citizens of Lake County,” said the statement released by the coroner’s office regarding Barbara.

Barbara’s coworkers expressed their condolences and how loved she was from the rest of the staff.

“Barbara was a legend,” said LCCO coroner Jennifer Banek. “She was well-respected and loved by all, from the people that worked for her, to the partner agencies, funeral home community, to the families she touched through her work as the Lake County coroner. Even prior to serving in this office, I was well-aware of the dignity and respect bestowed on this office because of her dedication.”

Barbara was very much loved and honored for the work she did for the area of Lake County and her commitment to CLC.

As a coroner, she developed a program to discourage teens from drinking and driving, and she also won awards for her advocacy of organ donation.  She also started a group for women interested in government and was a board member for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

In her life, Barbara Richardson devoted herself to helping grow and provide for her community, something which many people in Lake County will be eternally grateful for.  Her name will be remembered by the county and especially by the school.