Students on the vaccine mandate at CLC

Hailey Decker

As summer wound down and August 23 got closer, many were eager to return to school in-person. Effective September 19, the college will be requiring students to be vaccinated (or tested weekly) in order to attend their on campus classes to protect students and faculty against COVID-19. Masks will still be required inside the building regardless of vaccination status.

Many students were not surprised that the college took such measures; two students gave their two cents on the situation and the world’s current status during this pandemic.

“I very much expected the mandate after the government gave the public some time to get it on their own,” said Aidan O’Sullivan, sophomore.

CLC is taking measures to ensure everyone has access to a COVID-19 vaccine, as well as ample testing opportunities to keep everyone safe and healthy. In addition to vaccines and COVID-19 testing, the college is also offering a $100 incentive to those who receive the vaccine and provide proof of vaccination.

“I think they are doing a great job by notifying the students when vaccine days are and giving good incentives for students to get the shot,” said Aidan.

Student Aidan O’Sullivan

Student Aidan O’Sullivan

Students also shared their thoughts on the effectiveness of the mandate.

“I think the mandate was required if the school wanted to have a smooth transition back into the classroom”, said Aidan.

However, not all students feel like all bases are covered with the current precautions.

“I do not know if vaccine mandates and weekly testing are enough to stop the spread of COVID-19,” said Kathia. “For those of us vaccinated, we know that we can still contract and spread COVID-19. Because of this, I feel if we are to do weekly testing, it should be for everyone regardless of vaccination.”

There were also some activities going on at CLC this summer, before the mandate had gone into effect. Most likely due to the lower volumes of students and faculty on campus during that time, a vaccine mandate was not put in place. Precautions were still taken; masks were required to be worn at all times on campus and social distancing was highly recommended.

“I actually was pretty content with CLC’s pre-mandate precautions. During the 2020-2021 school year I took a total of 2 in-person classes and had no problems with individuals wearing masks and social distancing while in class,” said Kathia Perez.

Student Kathia Perez

Student Kathia Perez

If you would like to get vaccinated at one of CLC’s many testing sites, further information can be found on CLC’s homepage under the “Coronavirus Latest Updates” page, along with information on the mandate, weekly testing, and the $100 vaccine incentive. If you have any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19 and how the college is facing it, please direct emails to [email protected].