CLC’s Pride Alliance and LGBTQ+ representation

Graphic by Easton Herbon

Graphic by Easton Herbon

Ciara White

At the College of Lake County, diversity is a fundamental value of the community.

The college embraces and promotes a welcoming, inclusive environment for students of all backgrounds and orientations.

Part of what makes CLC able to create such an environment is the clubs offered, where students can connect and feel seen.

During this time, the Pride Alliance club has successfully come together as a group and meet virtually, hosting all sorts of events and interactive meetings online that are available to all students.

Aaliyah Robertson is the president of the club, as well as a horticulture student at CLC. She joined Pride Alliance her freshman year, hoping to get more involved on campus, but it soon became a home to her and a place she cherishes deeply.

A typical club meeting consists of group arts and crafts, discussions on various topics and events, and video game sessions.

Robertson and other members make sure to maintain a safe place that is both inclusive and respectful for everyone.

Additionally, they all place a priority on LGBTQ+ representation and advocacy within CLC and its community.

“Becoming president, I wanted to make sure that everyone felt included and comfortable during pride meetings and events,” Robertson said.

Club members have an opportunity to present on topics relating to LBGTQ+ people, history, or events to the rest of the club as part of one of their activities.

The latest person to give a presentation was CLC student Brandon Anaya; he chose to present on the erasure of queer people in history.

The presentation was conversational yet very informative, analyzing various historical figures, letters, essays, and art.

Anaya mentioned how he was always interested in the topic. He chose this opportunity to learn more, especially since it is not commonly discussed or taught about in schools.

“Often in history, any mention of possible queerness is practically not mentioned, and a lot of people grow up believing that being queer is this new thing, but it’s not,” Anaya said. “I thought it be important to share that queer people have always existed, and they have even been part of such great accomplishments through history.”

After the presentation, the club was able to discuss and share their thoughts. Anaya received numerous positive compliments and feedback.

Anaya and Robertson appreciate the club’s atmosphere and social aspect, claiming it to be their favorite parts.

Pride Alliance club photo

Pride Alliance club photo

They enjoy the comfortable nature and manner of the space they’ve created, and they’re excited for it to continue to grow as more people join the club.

They plan to host more virtual panels in the future to reach out and educate the community on all of the beautiful aspects of their club and diversity as a whole.

These panels hope to show students that Pride Alliance is not solely for members of the LGBTQ+ community – though they are welcome – but all allies and friends willing to have fun and celebrate happiness and inclusivity.